Why Should You Choose an APCA Member to Care for Your Pets?

Why Should You Choose an APCA Member to Care for Your Pets?
October 27, 2021 Samford Pet Resort

We’d do anything for our pets, and their safety is a number one priority. You want to be able to leave your furry family members in the safest possible hands when you go away on holiday. That’s why choosing an APCA member to care for your pets is essential!

What does an APCA membership entail?

The APCA (also known as the ‘Australian Pet Care Association’) is the peak representative body in Australia for the Pet Resort/Kennel’s, Cattery’s, Doggy Day Care and Dog Training industry.

The association has a strict code of ethics on pet treatment, living conditions and handling which it expects all members to follow. It also provides members with essential information, help and support to operate their businesses efficiently and effectively to ensure all partners offer a high standard of animal care and protection.

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The APCA’s mission:

The APCA primary ethical goal is “to promote a high standard of animal care within our profession”.

When an organisation joins the APCA, they agree to abide by the set guidelines and are encouraged to display the code of ethics for public display and promote a professional, caring approach to handling pets. The code of ethics can be found here.

Why is it so important for pet resorts to have this membership?

The APCA is a strong advocate for animal welfare and the humane treatment of all animals. They work hard to ensure their partners operate at the highest possible level and provide the best possible service.

This means caring for your dog, cat, bird or small animal in the most compassionate manner. It also means following a range of health and safety recommendations to ensure the location is of the same high standard.

Checking that a pet resort is an APCA member before sending your pet to stay there helps take the stress away, as you can rest assured they are going to be in a safe and happy place.

How do I find out who is and who isn’t an APCA Member?

The Australian Pet Care Association has an extensive list of partners on their website, which can be easily navigated on its map.

We take our safety standards and regulations very seriously at Samford Pet Resort, and this includes having the right level of certification to back us. We take pride in the fact that we meet the APCA’s standards – and will continue to for as long as we operate.

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