Why Playtime Is So Important For Your Pet

Why Playtime Is So Important For Your Pet
March 15, 2018 Samford Pet Resort

Just like humans, our pets also experience a range of different moods and emotions.

Dogs’ moods are heavily dependent on the environment they’re placed in, the care and attention they’re shown, and the amount of playtime and exercise they’re given.

Studies show less playtime leads to higher stress rates.

Studies have proven that dogs who are subjected to less playtime have higher stress rates, and are more likely to show signs of anxiety, aggression or depression. Scientists have also noted an increase in behavioural issues such as whining, jumping up, tugging on the lead and not coming when called.

“We have trained dogs to be playful and to interact with us” – Dr Nicola Rooney, Bristol University

We spend all day every day with dogs at Samford Pet Resort, so it’s safe to say we know how much they love playtime! From running around the grassy areas to playing in the jungle gym area, having their toys thrown and tummies tickled, we get to experience the pure enjoyment they do, when playing with them.

Physical and mental benefits of playtime.

Dogs don’t just love playtime, they significantly benefit from it! Whether this be on their physical form (i.e. weight loss from exercise) or on their mental wellbeing. Dogs thrive when engaging in activities that stimulate their minds, just as we feel increased happiness when exercising and releasing endorphins.

How often should you be playing with your dog each day?

The tricky question is how much stimulation does your dog need? Some may say it depends on breed, size, age, etc. however, we tend to disagree. All dogs small and big need a healthy amount of mental stimulation every day.

In addition to daily walks, we recommend the following:

  • Playing a quick game of fetch or tug ‘o’ war in the morning – if you’re clever at multitasking, you might even be able to do this while getting ready for work!
  • Instead of giving them a treat to reward good behaviour, play with them – they’ll appreciate it just as much, we promise.
  • Potentially getting them a companion to play with – two is better than one!
  • Ensure your backyard is big enough for your dog to play while you’re not at home.
  • Also make sure they have enough toys to play with.

In saying that, we understand that many busy pet owners may simply lose sight of how much time they are spending with their dogs each day.

Introducing our Doggy Daycare at Samford Pet Resort

If your schedule doesn’t quite allow you to give your dog the amount of playtime they need, and they’re showing any of the signs mentioned above, you might want to consider booking them into doggy daycare. Even if only once a week, if it improves your dog’s mental health, it’s well worth it.

Our doggy daycare is filled with playtime, cuddles, toys, doggy playgroups (if appropriate), delicious meals and a private room to relax in if they get tired – all for just $27!

Give us a call to book your pooch in for a day of play at our 5 star pet resort.