Which breed is best for my family? A Catalogue of choices…

Which breed is best for my family? A Cat-alogue of choices…
March 2, 2020 Samford Pet Resort

When it comes to finding the right cat for your family, it can be a bit of a tricky choice with all of the different breeds out there. Integrating a cat into the family dynamic can be an invaluable way of teaching your children the importance of responsibility, respect and patience. Cats are typically low maintenance and easy to look after, making them the ideal pet for those who lead busy lives.

We’ve put together a list of a few of our favourite breeds that play nicely with children while providing love and entertainment.

Ragdoll: Ahh, the cute, shaggy Ragdoll. They’re extremely relaxed and loving cats, they were given the name based on how limp they go when picked up. They have an overall temperament of being floppy, laid-back and not to mention SO cute – making them the ideal candidate for a child-friendly pet.

Siamese: Siamese cats are one of the oldest breeds of oriental cats, making them feel old and wise. They’re known to be very talkative towards their humans and require a truckload of love and interaction as they’re exceptionally intelligent. If you have little humans in the house who love to use their imagination and play with toys, this may be the right breed for your family!

Persian: They’re not only popular due to their super cute faces but also because they’re fun, playful and loving cats. Whilst a quiet and sweet assassin, these guys are known for being relaxed and easygoing whilst commanding an air of royalty. Their need for human companionship paired with their patience is the ultimate combo for rambunctious kids.

Manx: Another gentle and playful kitty-cat. These guys enjoy the fun that life has to offer, often found playing fetch and carrying toys around. Sophistication comes naturally to the Manx and their smart and dexterous nature allows them to use their paws to get into cabinets or even open doors.

Burmese: One of the most popular household cats are the Burmese. They are highly intuitive, affectionate and EXTREMELY loyal. They love their humans but even get along quite well with other cats and dogs! This can be such a benefit for those of you who already have a little furry friend roaming around the house.

It’s a tough choice, we know. We hope you can relate to one of these profiles and enjoy your new furry family member!

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