Which breed is best? Find out which pooch suits your family

Which breed is best? Find out which pooch suits your family
July 27, 2020 Samford Pet Resort

Thinking of adding a special edition to your family? From the training of a pup through to the unwavering companionship and loyalty you receive over their lifetime, having a family dog can be an invaluable experience for the entire household. Teaching your kids the responsibility of having a pet to care for, respect and play with is something they will hold onto forever!

There are many different dog breeds with their own temperaments and personalities to consider. Samford Pet Resort has shortlisted five popular family dog breeds with a mixture of sizes and traits:


This breed is a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle, the best of both. A very gentle-natured but intelligent pooch is the result of this mix! Their common traits include being friendly, lively, affectionate and most obvious – ADORABLE! They’re small dogs ranging between weighing 5-12kg, they don’t shed hair making them hypoallergenic but they do need to be brushed weekly. They’re the ultimate family dog as they love being around humans, acting as watchdogs and being taken for walks.

Golden Retriever

These guys are a beautiful family pet option, they’re playful, affectionate and even-tempered, all the while responding positively to obedience training, and they’re super eager to please! They have many skills and are often trained for being service and rescue dogs. Prepare for a whole lot of love if you choose a Golden Retriever, and a lot of hair – they do need a brush just about every day. They’re a very active breed, they would be up for playing for HOURS, so this might be suitable for you if you have a younger family who love being outside running around!

Bichon Frise

These guys are small but mighty, with a big dog attitude. They’ll steal your heart with their friendly and affectionate nature, they’re super loyal and will just want nothing more than to sit by the whole family… and hint for a belly-rub or maybe a scratch behind their ears. They’re a fantastic indoor dog, with low energy needs, meaning you won’t need to be taking them on long runs. A simple short walk and some outdoor playtime will suit them just fine! Due to their thick coat, you may want to share the dog grooming duty amongst the fam, as they require a daily brush to prevent matting.

Border Collie

Considered one of the smartest breeds in the world, these gorgeous, loyal, working dogs are perfect for a high energy household. They can be easily trained, and are likely to learn more than the basics – you’ll be doing impressive tricks with them in no time. This breed is ideal if you have a bit of backyard space or even a farm, they are herding dogs by nature and will need to be in the appropriate environment so that they can do a lot of running! They’re considered average shedders, so a weekly brush is optimal for them.


Giant rays of sunshine, we have the Labrador. They’re famously known for being a great family pet and we have to agree. They’re gentle-natured, friendly and extremely patient with children. They just love being around their family and are very high energy, they’re a larger dog and require lots of space for running around. They’re best suited to families where they can join in on daily walks, runs or swims as they are prone to eating just about anything in sight, which can lead to gaining weight. They’ll be sure to repay you in truck loads of affection! In order to maintain their shiny coat, a brush and wash once a week will do.

If you already have a loving dog and need quality, reliable and fun pet accommodation, feel free to reach out to us here at Samford Pet Resort. We would LOVE to meet your 4-legged family member.