Our Top Five Christmas Presents for Cats

Our Top Five Christmas Presents for Cats
November 13, 2017 Samford Pet Resort

Just like dogs, our feline friends also deserve to be given a little extra love this Christmas. For all the cat mummas out there who don’t know where to look for presents or what to choose, we’ve got you covered. Find our top five favourite gifts for kitties below.

A name-engraved collar

Does your cat like to sneak out the door every time you open it? Or take themselves for a bit of a wander around your neighbourhood at night time? As caring pet owners ourselves, we understand that it can be hard to keep tabs on your cat every minute of every day. Especially while you’re at work! Buying your kitty a pretty collar and tag engraved with your name and phone number will alert others to where they live if they wander a little too far from home and can’t find their way back.

Fountain water drinking station

As the summer heat starts to intensify, it becomes increasingly important for your cat (and all pets) to have access to enough water during the day and night. Automatic refilling and water filtration are two of the main benefits of a fountain water drinking station – plus they look super cool! They’ll also save you the hassle of having to clean up spilt water if you’ve got a cat who likes to play with their water dish like it’s one of their toys.

Enrichment toys

Enrichment toys are not just for dogs, as many people assume. Cats also benefit greatly from toys that challenge their mind and keep them busy during the day while you’re out. Don’t want to spend money on pricey toys? Why not turn it into a fun, family activity this Christmas and create some from scratch!

The ASPCA has some cute ideas for free or cheap DIY enrichment toys. Check them out there.

Pet Insurance

Okay, so this one is less of a Christmas present and more of a necessity, but we thought we’d slip it in as a sneaky reminder anyway. Pet insurance is incredibly important for all pet owners and their little furry ones! If your cat gets sick or injured a lot, you will know only too well how quickly and easily vet bills can add up.

At Samford Pet Resort, we believe in giving pets the highest level of care possible – which is why we partnered with Australia’s leading pet insurance company, to bring our loyal customers an exclusive discount deal. Head to our website page for more details.

A super cute Christmas costume

See below images… Need we say more?