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I absolutely trust Samford Pet Resort to look after my furbabies.


Invigorate Your Pet’s Day

Dogs thrive on social interaction. For some, this can be as simple as a cuddle and pat, while others like to run and play ball. Whatever your dog’s needs are, allow our friendly team of pet professionals at Samford Pet Resort to enrich your dog’s day while you’re at work or busy being you.

We get it. It’s not always easy after a long day’s work and commute home to then pick up the kids, clean the house, bath the family and cook dinner among all the other things that pop up. Often, it is the family pet’s walk or interaction that is skipped or cut short. Allow yourself to not feel guilty by treating your dog to Samford Pet Resort’s doggy day care.


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What’s In It For You & Your Dog

Physical Exercise & Enrichment

Dogs love being active, so being left at home for long periods of time your pets don’t get the exercise they need to keep the mind active, often resulting in destructive habits like digging or chewing. Our doggy days care program is designed to keep your pets mind and body active so when you get home the atmosphere can be more relaxed knowing your pet has had the attention needed.

Overall Wellbeing

Creating a safe place for pets to socialise is important. The key points are safe, an enjoinment designed for pets both physical and mentally, and socialise, being that your pets are able to play with other pets and have human contact by trained professionals.


What does a typical doggy day care day look like?


Arrival / Check-In

We welcome guests for the day and perform temperament checks, as each pet is grouped accordingly. Our van departs at 7am for day care pickups and typically will see all day care friends arrive by 8am to get the day going.

Van pick up and drop off fee will apply, and spaces are limited.


Morning Exercise

Now we’re talking!! It’s time for play. In their assigned temperament group, dogs are treated to social play. This is including but not limited to ball and Frisbee, chase, obstacles, cuddles, splash pool in summer months and much more.

Pets considered not suitable for any given days social groups, don’t stress. Your pets will still get all the fun just in individual sessions with staff.

Plays sessions are rotated and exercise times are based on the group’s energy and interaction.


Time To Chillax

It’s important for dogs to have time to rest. Giving them time to clear their minds and regroup. Dogs need to rest. It will allow them to rebuild energy and avoid them being over exerted leading to exhaustion and other complications.

So, during this time your dog rest up inside to reflect on the new friends met and fun morning had.

NOTE: No meals are given or included in day care.

12pm 1/2 Day Morning sessions depart.


Afternoon Exercise

And we are back!! Ready and roaring to go, we are back in our groups for more play time in our large exercise areas.


Wind Down

It’s time to calm down. Your pets are settled back into their room for some much-needed rest as we prepare for home time.


Home Time

After a fun-filled day, your pets will have had the love and attention they need and are ready to settle in for the evening with you and the family. Typically, by 3pm we start to see day care friends depart for another day. Our day care van drop-offs start to roll out at about 4:30 – 5pm, completing the run by about 5:30pm.

Last pick up from the resort is 6pm. If collecting between 4pm and 6pm note gates will be closed. Please call office on 32891600 and our staff will bring your pet to your car.

Van pick up and drop off fee will apply, and spaces are limited.


Night Stay

Stuck at work or just can’t make it before close, don’t stress. Your pup is welcome to stay the night. We will settle them into your chosen accommodation and give them some dinner. (Accommodation rates will apply in addition to Day Care rates, and pending room availability)

All the Im-paw-tant Stuff

Doggy Day Care Pricing

NOTE: 1/2 day morning = Between 7am and 12pm

Low Season discount
$40 per day: Full day of 5+ hrs (60 reward points)
$31 per half-day: Morning of 5 hrs or less (30 rewards points)

Standard Rates
$47 per day: Full day of 5+ hrs (60 rewards points)
$38 per half-day: Morning of 5 hrs or less (30 rewards points)


  • Prices are based on per pet per calendar day.
  • Standard Rate – Doggy Day Care during any QLD school holiday period.
  • Low Season Discount – Doggy Day Care outside of QLD school holiday periods.


Trading Hours

Samford Pet Resort Doggy Day Care hours are:
Monday to Friday: 7am – 12pm & 1pm to 6pm (If collecting between 4pm and 6pm note gates will be closed. Please call office on 0459 990 659 and our staff will bring your pet to your car.)
Saturday: 7am – 12pm & 1pm to 4pm (pick up and drop off to resort only – no van weekends)
Doggy Day Care Services are not operational on Sundays.
Closed Public Holidays

Samford Pet Resort Reception and resort hours are:
Monday to Friday: 7am – 12pm & 1pm to 4pm
Saturday: 7am – 12pm & 1pm to 4pm
Sunday: 3pm – 5pm
Closed Public Holidays

Additional Services

Van Transport – Pick Up & Drop Off To Doggy Day Care

Pick up suburbs: Day care transport up to 15km only $11 each way.

The van operates from Monday to Friday. It does not operate on weekends and delivery home is not available for half-day morning pets.

It is preferred for the owner to be home for collection and drop off. If not available to be home, please talk with staff as conditions will apply and Introduction home meet and greet from $30 ( >20min) will then be required.

  • Mount Samson
  • Closeburn
  • Samford Valley
  • Samford Village
  • Everton Hills
  • Ferny Hills
  • Arana Hills
  • Yuga
  • Draper
  • Bunya
  • Ferny Grove
  • Clear Mountain
  • Camp Mountain
  • Highvale
  • Wights Mountain
  • Keperra
  • Mitchelton
  • Upper Kedron
  • Cedar Creek

Enquire Now About Doggy Day Care

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