5 Reasons Rodents Make Wonderful Pets

5 Reasons Rodents Make Wonderful Pets
August 10, 2017 Samford Pet Resort

Whether your tiny, excitable friend is a mouse, rat or guinea pig, the benefits of having a rodent as a pet are undeniable!

To name a few, these small pets are relatively easy to care for, are entertained with simple devices and won’t cost you an arm and a leg in pet food! Here are our top five reasons for having these squeaky little critters as pets.

1. They’re easy to look after

Rodents don’t require toilet training, they don’t need to go to obedience class, and they also don’t need to be taken on long walks, multiple times a day. They just need room to scuttle around, basic food, clean cages and a good play! However, some species of guinea pigs will need a little more attention than your average rat or mouse. Their diets require more vitamins (but they’re happy with your leftover veg and a good bundle of hay), and long-haired guinea pigs will need grooming.

Cute Little Guinea Pig | Five Reasons Rodents Make Wonderful Pets | Samford Pet Resort

2. They’re well suited to smaller homes

Rodents don’t require a massive yard to live in. But they do need exercise and attention, especially rats and guinea pigs. Mice are best for the smallest of homes, as a pair can live in a cage 12L x 18W x 12H in inches, and will exercise on wheels and other play devices that you can get for cheap at the pet store. Many guinea pig and rat owners will let their pets out to roam their apartments, townhouses and even enclosed gardens while they’re home to stretch their legs. They’re less skittish and less likely to run off than mice.

3. They can entertain themselves during the day

Rodents are best bought in pairs to keep each other company during the day. And unlike buying two puppies, buying two rodents won’t set you back thousands of dollars. Just make sure you know what sexes to put in a cage together, as, for example, guinea pigs can procreate at an alarming rate. So you probably don’t want a male and female left alone together all day long! But your rodents will be relatively happy with each others’ company while you’re off at work, so are well suited to those that tend to work long hours. Just don’t forget to play with them when you get in, that’s why you have a pet, after all! Pet rats especially need human attention as they are quite loyal creatures, and can be pretty clever, too!

Little Girl with Pet Mice | Five Reasons Rodents Make Wonderful Pets | Samford Pet Resort

4. They’re great for kids

Rodents are great pets for kids because they’re small, easy to look after, and are less likely to bite. They don’t require training (unless you want to, of course. Did you know that some rats can do the same tricks as dogs?). They’ll instil a sense of responsibility in your children without overwhelming them with a wealth of chores to remember. They mostly just need to be fed, their cages cleaned, and shown love and attention!

5. They won’t break your bank account

Pets can really rack up the bills. Bigger pets such as cats and dogs are great for the family but are costly both in the short and long term. Some require specialist kibble, often you need to renovate your home to accommodate their needs, and veterinary bills can skyrocket if health problems persist. Depending on the species, a rodent will generally cost you less than $50 and can be bought from private breeders or pet stores. When buying from a private breeder, make sure that the species is legal, and if it’s exotic, that it hasn’t been illegally imported. All you should require after that is a cage, food (which can often be vegetable scraps or inexpensive pellets), a water dispenser, and some toys to keep them entertained!

It’s simple – rodents make wonderful pets.

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