Put Your Mind At Ease With My Pet Space

Put Your Mind At Ease With My Pet Space
June 9, 2017 Samford Pet Resort

Ever wondered what your puppy or kitty gets up to at the pet resort while you’re away on holidays?

Do they miss you? Are they getting along with the other animals in the resort? Are they eating enough? Getting enough sleep? The list goes on of worries that cross loving pet owners’ minds when their fur babies are not in their sight/care.

As loving pet owners ourselves, we understand this only too well. Which is why we decided to introduce a platform that helps put pet owners’ minds at rest and allows them to have a relaxing trip away.

Introducing, My Pet Space…

My Pet Space is an innovative online portal that allows pet owners to log in and track their pet’s progress while at the resort, through a ‘report’ system.

Tell me more!

The reports are generated by our wonderful staff members, who are lucky enough to spend their days feeding, playing with, cuddling and caring for your pet. They will monitor your pet’s behaviour while doing each of these things, taking notes as they go.

Things we keep an extra close eye on, and track of, are:

  1. Eating / drinking habits.

Your pet’s health is the most important thing to us, as your trusted temporary carers. Which is why we make sure they are getting the right amounts (and types) of sustenance during their stay. If your pet isn’t eating/drinking for some reason, we will do everything possible to make sure they start again. Our staff will notify you if the issue is serious, but we’ll also note all changes in their pet space report so you can easily check in for updates.

  1. Physical features (ears, eyes, skin/coat, etc.)

My Pet Space is perfect for those whose pets have conditions or sores that require a little extra attention. For example, if their skin is susceptible to rashes or itchiness, we will monitor them closely while you’re away and pop in any updates for you to see.

  1. General behaviour.

This includes their reactions to, and interactions with, other animals in our care, as well as their general behaviour during their stay. If they’re extra happy or excited by something, we’ll add it into their reports so you can feel all warm and fuzzy reading it!

  1. We’ll also include photos of their stay.

You’ll also be able to see photos of your precious pumpkin at our resort, so you’ll know for sure they’re having a great time. We quite regularly post photos to our Facebook page too, so make sure you keep an eye on that too. Feel free to tag your friends and show off your happy pup or kitty!

It’s a simple signup process!

Interested in adding our My Pet Space service to your pet’s next visit? Simply let us know when you arrive to drop them off, or over the phone when you book, and we’ll add you into our system.


“This was the first ever overnight stay anywhere for Pippa and Ollie and by all accounts, it was an awesome experience. So good to know there are animal loving people out there who run ‘resort’ style accommodation for much-loved family pets. The staff treat our pets as if they were their own. Pippa and Ollie even came home with a report card. Now that’s wonderful service. It’s a comforting thing for owners knowing how well they’ve been cared for.” – Deb Connolly

Call us today (07) 3289 1600 to book your pet in! 

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