Protecting Your Pets from Pest Control

Protecting Your Pets from Pest Control
February 15, 2017 Samford Pet Resort

Pest control methods are essential for keeping your home safe and comfortable. But your pet’s health is also important to your family life. So how do you tell which pesticides are bad for your furry friend?

We take you through a few simple ways to keep your pets safe from harmful chemicals, while also protecting your home from pest infestations.

Going natural
In Queensland, keeping mozzies at bay is a high priority for an evening BBQ. If you use citronella tiki torches in your backyard make sure your pet cannot knock them over – citronella is harmful to dogs and cats if ingested in large quantities! Try planting catnip around your garden instead – it’s good for cats, dogs and humans (it can even have a calming effect on your furry friends) and mosquitoes hate it!

If you’re experiencing a swarming fly problem, try planting basil to repel them; it will not harm your cat or dog if they decided to have a nibble, and will definitely improve your home cooking game!

Supermarket treatments
If you’re looking at cockroach bait, rodent poison or similar pest control items available at your local supermarket, look out for ‘caution,’ ‘poison,’ or ‘warning’ labels on the packaging. These products will tell you the effects (if any) of the chemicals when ingested.

Important: Never leave rodent bait or poison in areas where your pet could find and eat it, as it’s extremely dangerous to their health. If your pet is a bit of an explorer, we do not recommend using these home solutions. Call upon the assistance of a professional pest controller instead, to minimise the risk of your pet finding and eating something toxic.

Professional pest control
A professional pest control company will have extensively tested all of their chemicals to ensure the safety of your family. However, chemicals that are not harmful to humans can sometimes affect animals in a different way. Be sure to ask the company you hire for a full safety brief on the chemicals they will be using. Airborne sprays can not only be inhaled by your pet but also absorbed through their skin. It can also settle upon their toys and bedclothes, which will undoubtedly make contact with their mouths.

Keeping your best friend safe
The best way to ensure your pet’s safety is to remove them from your home during the time of pest treatment. And why not send them on an enjoyable little holiday while you’re at it? Samford Pet Resort provides comfortable, five-star accommodation for your dog, cat or bird. If you really want to treat your pooch or feline to a luxurious getaway, you can invest in one of our spa packages or grooming services to really get their coat soft and shiny for their arrival home.

Contact Samford Pet Resort today to arrange safe and comfortable accommodation for your pet during short or long term pest treatments occurring in your home.
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