What to do with your pets when moving house

What To Do With Your Pets When Moving House
February 25, 2017 Samford Pet Resort

Moving house is a stressful time; there’s no doubt about it.

With so much to think about and do, you’ll probably find yourself making checklists on top of checklists, and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere. But you’re not the only one who’ll feel the burden of a house move. Your pet will also be feeling stressed and anxious. In fact, even more so, because they don’t know what is going on!

Luckily, there are a few measures you can take to help your pets feel more at ease and lighten your load while doing so. We walk you through, step by step, what to do with your pets when moving house.

Make sure they are occupied during inspections.
Whether you’re selling your home, renting it out, or simply moving out of a rental situation into a new home, your pet needs to feel comfortable every step of the way. Events like open houses and rental inspections can be quite daunting for pets, especially if they are not used to having unknown people come into your home.

If possible, schedule your inspections with your realtor to align with your dog’s usual walking time. Getting them out of the house will not only ensure that your pup isn’t overwhelmed, but will make sure any potential buyers/renters who are not used to pets aren’t intimidated either.

Don’t ditch their exercise – in fact, amp it up if possible (mainly relative to dogs).
Despite the fact that you’re probably swimming in to-do-lists, it’s important not to neglect your pet’s usual exercise routine. Exercise helps keep their energy levels at bay, which means less messy or naughty behaviour for you to deal with while trying to pack.

A bit of extra exercise in the mornings will also make leaving to go to inspections easier, as they’ll be tired enough to cooperate.

Use Feliway or Adaptil to ease their stress
Using diffusing products such as Feliway or Adaptil will help ease your pet’s stress during such a busy time. The products release synthesised pheromones which cause your pet to sense that they are in a safe, stress-free environment. They are simple to use, purchased either as a diffuser that you plug into the wall or a spray bottle that you can spray on objects around the house.

To ease their transition, start using these products in the house you are moving from one week before your moving date, and then in your new home before your pet arrives.

We use these products at Samford Pet Resort so this will help with the transition between moving.

Pack their favourite room up last.
If your pet has a particular room they love to snooze or relax in, pack it up last. This will take a little bit of the anxiety away, as they’ll be able to divert into this room while the rest of the house is a mess of cardboard boxes and styrofoam.

Take them away for the big day.
You made it – it’s moving day! The most stressful day of all for everybody involved. Taking your pet out of the house is going to be the best thing you can do on this day. With removalists coming in and out, and you and your family rushing around the house, they will be so overwhelmed that they’ll feel like running away.

Packing your pet’s overnight bag and taking them to a trusted friend or family member’s house for the day will keep them safe and sound while you concentrate on moving. If you don’t have somebody close that you can trust with looking after your pet while you move, bringing them to us is another option. We’d be more than happy to take care of them and ensure they are relaxed and ready to face a fresh home by the time you’re all settled in.

At Samford Pet Resort, your pets will feel calm and happy as they socialise with other pets, and will be so glad to see you when you come and pick them up. It will also be a lot less disruptive for them to come home to an already unpacked and tidy home. Give us a call today on (07) 3289 1600 or send us an online enquiry to find out how we can help you!