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Our pet is an important part of our family and the staff at Samford Pet Resort understands this and treats her like their own.

Trish (Ruby’s mum)


PETFLYERS pet transportation

Petflyers specialise in the domestic and international transportation of your family pets. We treat each family individually and offer tailored services to suit their particular needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer professional services at affordable prices.

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We love animals and we love giving our customers great service. So, if your pet needs to be relocated you can be sure that we will do everything possible to ensure your pet has a comfortable and stress free trip. And, we’ll find the most efficient way of getting them there safe and sound!

We offer professional pet transport services throughout Australia, and between Australia and most countries in the world. We understand that every job is different and that every customer and every pet has different needs. It’s the level of personal service our customers receive which separates us from our competitors. To see what we mean just call us!

Booking Steps

  1. Contact PETFLYERS direct on 1800 PET FLY (1800 738 359)
  2. Make booking for transport and pet boarding direct with PETFLYERS.
  3. Pay PETFLYERS direct for all services.
  4. PETFLYERS will contact Samford Pet Resort on your behalf and book your pet in and pay for booking.
  5. PETFLYERS will then pick your pets up and deliver to the resort as per your request and deliver to next destination if required.
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