Pet Resorts vs Pet Sitters

Pet Resorts vs Pet Sitters
November 23, 2016 Samford Pet Resort

As much as we would all love to pack our pets in a little suitcase and take them with us on every vacation, unfortunately, there are times when we’re forced to leave them behind.

The question is, do you hire a pet sitter to look after your furry friend from the comforts of your own home, or book them into a pet resort where they can be under the watchful eye of animal care professionals?

We take a look at a few of the pros and cons of each.

Pet Resorts

Veterinary support
At a pet resort, your furry family member will receive around the clock care and assistance in a trustworthy location. If there is a medical emergency, there will be a vet on-hand to treat your pet as soon as possible, whereas a pet sitter may have to wait hours in a queue to see someone.

Anxiety and stress
Some pets may become stressed or anxious about being in an unknown place, but the great thing about a pet resort is that your pets are never left alone for extended periods of time. They can always make friends with other animals staying at the resort and they will quickly overcome their anxiety once they become familiar with their carers.

If your dog or cat has not been socialised with other animals, your “only pet” may react negatively to other animals. However, pet resorts like ours should have staff on hand at all times to cater to the individual needs of your pet and offer behavioural training if required.

Grooming and affection
Pet resorts offer a range of other services for your pets (grooming & spa treatments, training courses, pet photography and more). They can provide medical assistance, cater for specific dietary requirements and ensure your pet is having an enjoyable stay while you’re on vacay.

Pet Sitters

Familiar surroundings
The most enticing thing about pet-sitting is that your pets get to stay in the comfort of their home and go about their everyday routine. However, this can become confronting when your pets start to wonder where you are and when/if you’re ever coming back.

Pet care and safety
Pet sitters are generally friendly and kind animal-lovers who will take good care of your pet. However, most will not have experience in animal assistance, as pet resort staff will, which is a risk to your pet.

With pet-sitting, you can avoid the potential of your pet facing negative interactions with other animals. However, having someone you don’t know personally coming into your house can be quite risky. Most pet resorts also offer private rooms for pets with behavioural issues, so there’s no reason for you to be worried.

Our conclusion

All in all, each pet is different, and while both pet resorts and pet sitting services have positive and negative aspects, your final decision needs to come down to the individual needs of your pet.

If your companion has particular issues with anxiety or prefers the company of humans more than that of other animals, pet resorts such as ours offer a variety of alternative options that will help to make them feel more at ease.


Further information & resources

Samford Pet Resort is an accredited member of the PIAA (Pet Industry Association of Australia). To learn more about pet sitting/pet minding and some of the laws surrounding it, feel free to read the PIAA’s position statement.


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