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My dog Chewie just had her first stay at a kennel. I couldn’t speak highly enough of the Samford Pet Resort. The staff were very caring and attentive to her.

Lesley (Chewie’s parent)

Adorable and affordable pet photography

Our pets are our friends – and they mean the world to us! Each of them has a unique and awesome personality, but it can be difficult to capture that in a photograph. Hannah’s results are spontaneous, priceless moments of your pet’s unique personality captured in photographs that will last forever.

“I highly recommend her services to any potential clients. She is an honest, reliable and ethical person who strives for a high level of customer satisfaction. She has a professional and innovative approach to business. Her pictures really brought out the feel and quality that I set and I felt she knew how to connect and understand what I was trying to achieve.”

Blake De Bruin (Samford Pet Resort)

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Call Hannah: 0409 470 268

About Hannah Millerick

My style isn’t about lining people up from tallest to shortest – it’s about capturing a moment in the lives of people and the animals they love. Expect to arrive at your session and see me engage with your pets, play or get to know them. I won’t ask you to say cheese, but I will encourage you to be yourself (that is if you would like to be in the images of course). While I have formal training in photography, I have never been one for following the rules. As a result, I approach photo sessions with fresh ideas, new perspectives and a contemporary style.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the sessions last?

Plan to allow between 1½ and 2 hours for your session. Depending on the day, it may be shorter or longer.

When do you book sessions?

Weekday sessions are available year round. Weekend and holiday sessions are limited and arranged upon request.

What if the weather doesn’t cooperate?

In the event of heavy rain or other unfavorable weather, your sessions will be rebooked.

What if my pet doesn’t cooperate?

Before the session, make sure your pets have been fed and walked or exercised, as this will help to take the edge off and ensure a good experience for everyone. If they still act up during the session, taking a break and letting them relax for a few minutes is often the next solution. Sometimes, they just need a bit of time to get comfortable. Even though your pets may be acting up or not sitting still, it’s surprising how many good images you can still get. The most important thing is to stay relaxed.

Where do the sessions happen?

Your session can take place wherever you like. Depending on the subjects to be photographed, that could be your home, their stables, a park, the Samford Pet Resort, or another outdoor location. It’s best to choose a location where those being photographed will be familiar and comfortable so they can be themselves.

Do you offer studio sessions?

No. I only shoot on-location using natural light.

What else do I prepare?

On the day of the session, make sure everyone is clean, fed and ready to have some fun. If your pet has a favorite toy, feel free to bring it along. You should also make sure they have been bathed, brushed and are wearing clean collars. The Samford Pet Resort offers grooming for a small fee.