The Importance of Keeping Your Cat Inside When You're Not Home

The Importance of Keeping Your Cat Inside When You’re Not Home
August 8, 2017 Samford Pet Resort

As cat owners, it’s safe to assume that we have all returned home after a day out to find the ‘treasures’ our favourite felines bring into the house. From dead mice to trails of bird feathers, cats are natural predators and enjoy bringing back the goods from their explorations outside.

However, you may want to consider keeping your cat indoors (or under the supervision of a five-star pet resort) while you are out for extended periods of time. Not only will it cut down on discovering these charming surprises, but it also comes with a variety of other benefits!

Cat Inside - Why It Is So Important When You Aren't Home | Samford Pet

Keeping your cat safe

Think about how many cats you have seen darting across roads as you drive by, maybe you’ve even had to swerve or slam on the brakes to avoid hitting one. Cats don’t know how to look both ways before crossing, so keeping your cat indoors will significantly reduce the risk of them sprinting out in front of unsuspecting cars.

But, cars aren’t the only threat to your feline friend; animals in your neighbourhood are also a concern, including dogs and other cats. It’s all too easy for your cat to wander into the wrong backyard with a dog who is unfamiliar with felines, or to cross paths with other cats who are looking to start a fight.

Cat Inside - Why It Is So Important When You Aren't Home | Samford Pet

Health Benefits

Increasing the amount of time your cat spends indoors can do wonders for their overall health!

If your cat is on the chubbier side, keeping them indoors more often will ensure they don’t find any snacks that they shouldn’t be eating. Even if weight isn’t a concern, having more control over what your cat eats will lessen their exposure to potentially dangerous substances. Some of these include pesticides, rat poison, spoiled food in bins and intentional poisoning from people.

Parasites are another outdoor risk for cats, and many other animals for that matter. A common one here in south-east Queensland is ticks, more specifically Paralysis Ticks. These nasty little guys are found year round and inject a toxin into the bloodstream which as their name suggests, causes paralysis.

Your cat’s chance of contracting a contagious disease is also significantly lowered if they are spending extra hours indoors. Just like people catch the flu, cats can also pick up illnesses from other animals, some of which can be fatal. Save yourself on the vet bills and minimise your cat’s exposure to sickness!

Cat Inside - Why It Is So Important When You Aren't Home | Samford Pet

Happier neighbours

When the owner is away the cats will play!

While you may think that your cat is continuously on their best behaviour, this isn’t always the case. When you aren’t home, there is no telling what your cat may get up to in your absence, and their shenanigans may be affecting your neighbours. From using neighbouring gardens as bathrooms to climbing on outdoor furniture, there is no telling what mischief your cat is getting up to! Prevention is the best solution to this problem. By keeping your cat inside when you aren’t around to supervise, you’ll know they won’t get into trouble – outside of your own home that is!

Keeping your cat indoors when you are out for the day is an ideal way to keep them safe from risks outside. However, if you’re going to be away overnight or longer, leaving your cat home alone can be unsafe for these prolonged periods. Consider booking your cat in for a pet resort holiday if you’re going to be away for more than a day.