Join the SPR family and be rewarded

Join the SPR family and be rewarded!
July 10, 2017 Samford Pet Resort

At Samford Pet Resort, we love seeing familiar furry faces returning time and time again!

We like to greet our repeat four-legged (and winged) friends by name, ensuring we have all of their favourite treats on hand, and that their room is just the way they like it. Some would say that we treat the VIP pets at our resort like the Beyonce’s of the animal world. That’s why we offer our guest’s parents a range of loyalty programs to suit their vacay needs.

The points rewards system membership

Our points rewards system is available for FREE to all clients boarding their pet at either Samford Pet Resort or our sister company, Northshore Pet Resort. Once you accumulate 1500 points, you receive $50 credit towards your pet’s next stay with us! Extra belly rubs? Yes, please!

Our standard guest rooms will provide you with 50 points per day, while our luxury suites will have you racking up a massive 100 points per day! Our extra services will also win you points, with walks at 10 points per sessions, and sports packages at 20 points per session. To see a full list of our points scheme, see here. You’ll be building up those rewards in no time!


The Club Card

Our club card is a special program that Samford Pet Resort extends to loyal customers who spend a minimum of $3000 in a one year period. Your pet must also stay at either Northshore Pet Resort or Samford Pet Resort for a combined 160 days within one year to qualify for the club card.

This loyalty rewards system provides special benefits for card holders, unavailable to other customers. This includes a discount on the standard booking fee, required at the time of booking your pet’s stay. Instead of paying a 40% fee up front, you will only need to pay 20%. You won’t need to pay the remaining 20% of your booking fee until two months before your pet’s staying date. This is offered as a gesture of goodwill and trust to our regular club card holding customers.

We also have special offers for certain months of the year, available exclusively to our club card holders. These range from free walks to free Kong treats for your pet during their stay! For a full list of our monthly specials see here.


The Loyalty Card

Our Loyalty Card is for our most loyal returning customers. We would call them Samford Royalty, but really we treat all of our pet guests as Kings and Queens. However, our loyalty card holders receive the very best discounts and deals on their stay.

To qualify for loyalty card membership, you need to spend a minimum of $5500 within a one year period. Your pet must also stay at either Northshore Pet Resort or Samford Pet Resort for a combined 250 days within one year.

Our loyalty card members do not need to pay a booking fee until two months before their stay. This means that you can book your pet’s stay as far in advance as you like without having to pay a deposit!

As a loyalty card member, if you pay in cash, you’ll even receive a 15% discount off your entire stay! You’ll also have access to an exclusive new special. Every. Single. Month. These range from free treats, to additional free play times and walks. For a full list of the monthly offers that you could receive as a loyalty card holder, see here.


Ready to start piling up those points? Book your pet’s stay with Samford Pet Resort today!