Introducing Our New Customer Portal

Introducing Our New Customer Portal
September 25, 2018 Samford Pet Resort

At Samford, we’re always looking for ways to make your pet’s stay even better. This time we have a surprise for you!

Booking your pet into accommodation while you’re also busily trying to book your holiday can be a tricky process, and while we’ve always endeavoured to make the process as simple as a game of fetch, we wanted to make it even easier for your pet to be booked into Samford Pet Resort. So, we have added a new Customer Portal, allowing new and returning guests to reserve a spot at Samford Pet Resort with ease.

How the portal works

Making a booking at Samford is now as simple as clicking the ‘Make a Booking Enquiry’ button on our website or Facebook page. Once you click this button, you’ll be taken to our ‘Customer Portal’ (shown below).

From here, you can choose to register for an account if you are a first time user, or, if you are a returning customer, simply log in.

After you’re logged in, booking in your VIP (Very Im-paw-tant Pet) is easy! Simply follow the steps, from the Start through Boarding, Transport, Activities and Summary and fill in the information about your pet’s stay. This all-inclusive yet simple platform allows you to tailor your pet’s stay at Samford Pet Resort to their needs.

For example, do you want to treat your pet with added playtime, yappy treats or baths? Our Customer Portal allows you to customise the perfect getaway for your furry friend.

You can even add a new pet!

If your fur family grows, your Customer Portal details can grow with it. Simply add your new pet to the portal and book them in with their mates.

Once you have finished designing the perfect holiday for your pet, simply hit submit. We ’ll then review your booking request and notify you if you have been successfully booked in.

Now you know how easy it is to book, let’s take a closer look at Samford Pet Resort.

Samford Pet Resort

Imagine a family owned and operated pet resort, trusted by hundreds of pet owners across Brisbane. A pet resort where your pets can have the space they need to run around, make friends and be spoilt with human affection. If you’re looking for a pet resort where your pets will look forward to going, and where the staff genuinely love looking after your animals, Samford Pet Resort is the place for you and your furrend.

Head to Samford Pet Resort website to check out the new guest portal.

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