How to socialise your adult dog

How to socialise your adult dog
April 24, 2018 Samford Pet Resort

Many puppies are socialised by their owners at a young age, but this isn’t always the case. There are numerous instances where dogs have not had the chance to be socialised for quite some time during their lives. It might be because your puppy was sick from birth, and wasn’t able to be around other dogs. Or perhaps you have adopted a pooch that has never been trained or socialised.

Whatever the case, while socialising your adult dog can be challenging at times, it’s definitely possible with a little perseverance and a helping hand!

1. Take them for regular walks

Regular walks are the best way to get your dog out and about for a bit of exercise, and allow them to learn through observation. Dogs enjoy routine, so if you choose a time in either the morning or afternoon to take them for a walk every day, this will ease their minds quickly and help them to adjust to something new.

If your furry friend is easily excitable, try walking them with a harness to decrease the strain pulling has on their little necks. If your dog is quite cautious and weary, try an extending lead, so that when your pooch works up the courage to explore, they won’t be held back.

2. Extra precautions may be necessary

It’s always important to consider both the safety of your own dog and the dogs and humans around you. So if you know that your dog can get a bit nippy, consider using a muzzle or a soft strap head collar while he or she gets used to being around others. Soft muzzles with comic patterns are much nicer for your dog, and for others approaching them. They don’t give off the intimidating vibe that cage muzzles do. It’ll help break the ice while maintaining precautions to ensure your pooch has a positive experience on their walk!

3. Slow and steady wins the race

Remember to take it slow. Your pooch won’t be ready to be let loose in the dog park on their first walk. After a couple of walks, consider taking them around the perimeter of the dog park so that they can get used to the sounds and smells of other dogs. From here, you can slowly work your way up to playtime. A yummy treat to reward good behaviour and positive social experiences with other dogs always goes a long way in the beginning, too!

4. Sign up for obedience classes

Training classes are another effective way to get your pooch accustomed to being around other dogs. It’ll also help them learn vital new skills that will increase their safety and prevent accidents from occurring. A dog that can sit, come and heel at command is much easier to walk, and far safer for humans and dogs alike to socialise with.

At Samford Pet Resort, we offer obedience classes for dogs from five months old through to old age. Group obedience training will assist your adult dog to remain calm and focused while there are distractions, and other dogs around.

5. Solo accommodation for unsocialised or unsociable dogs

If you need pet accommodation for your unsocialised or unsociable dog while you are away, Samford Pet Resort can also provide this. If your pup experiences extreme anxiety around other canines, solo accommodation may be the best choice for them when you aren’t around. Older dogs who need reduced stimulation and play can also benefit from solo accommodation. Dogs can have a range of complicated diagnosed behavioural patterns that need specific attention and a quieter environment.

If you think that your dog may benefit from solo accommodation rather than shared boarding, please contact Samford Pet Resort today to arrange the best setting for your furry friend’s stay with us.

Or if you live over the northside of Brisbane, check out our sister resort, Northshore Pet Resort.