How to Prepare Your Cat for Their First Pet Resort Vacay

How to Prepare Your Cat for Their First Pet Resort Vacay
November 23, 2016 Samford Pet Resort

Any loving animal owner will understand that going away for the holidays, unfortunately, means making alternative arrangements for your cat. This can be quite daunting or upsetting for you and your feline friend, particularly if it’s their first pet resort vacation.

Cats, in particular, are known for experiencing high levels of anxiety or stress when they’re moved into different environments, which is why it’s important to spend some time preparing your kitty before you leave.

Here’re a few things we think you should look into before jetting off on your next vacation:

1. Test their social interactions

If your cat is an only pet and hasn’t yet been socialised with other animals, chances are they might have a bit of trouble getting used to the pet resort environment.

Taking them for a play date or inviting other cat-friends over is a good way to test the waters before their vacation stay. If your cat reacts negatively to other animals, it’s important to let the pet resort know so they can make sure to monitor them closely.

Booking a private suite is also a great alternative for cats who enjoy having their own space.

2. Take them on regular, short car trips

Sometimes the car trip part of the journey can be the most stressful for you and your cat, as they have no idea where you’re taking them or why.

Taking your cat on regular short trips to friends houses or other safe places that you’ll return home from (that isn’t the vets) will not only make them used to being in a crate, but will also show them that the end result of the car trip is not a horrible one.

If you’re particularly worried about the stress of driving your cat to and from the pet resort, it might also be a good idea to look into our professional pickup and drop off service.

3. Pack their favourite toys or blankets

While we provide a range of blankets and toys for pets of all shapes and sizes, packing a special one from home is a good idea for first timers.

Having their favourite blanket to sleep on, or a toy to play with, will remind your cat of being at home and therefore make them feel at ease in an unusual environment.

4. Make sure their vaccinations are up-to-date

Even more important than the mental wellbeing of your cat is the state of their health. This is why it’s vital to make sure they have the latest vaccines and are at no risk of falling ill (or passing the illness on to any other cats at the resort).

5. Inform the resort of everything they need to know about your cat

It’s important to let your pet resort know about any medications, food requirements/specifications or behavioural disorders that may affect your cat’s stay. This will ensure that your cat receives the best treatment possible.


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