How To Keep Your Indoor Cat Entertained

How To Keep Your Indoor Cat Entertained
September 26, 2018 Samford Pet Resort

Keeping an indoor cat entertained may seem like a difficult task. But if you fill your home with feline-friendly activities; your cat will remain happy, playful, and healthy every day. Nobody knows your cat as well as you do. With a few inexpensive objects and a little creativity, you will be able to keep your indoor cat occupied for hours.

Do wonders for your furry companion’s wellbeing by getting started with these fun friendly feline tips!

Look at that view

Give your cat easy access to a windowsill or bench where they can have unobstructed views of anything and everything happening outside. External views offer an extensive list of entertainment. From birds flying to other creatures walking by, your cat will spend endless hours watching the day go by.

Background Noise

If you’re out or away, don’t forget to leave the radio or television playing. Music will act as background noise with soothing tunes to keep your cat relaxed. Cats respond especially well to classical music. For TV, there are many cat DVDs that you can buy and even Youtube for cats. They’ll enjoy watching birds flying and mice running for hours.


Build Play Zones

Cats love discovering new places and toys so try leaving a variety of objects around the house for your cat to explore. Cardboard boxes are great for this! Use a cardboard box as a bed, den, tunnel or maze with different entrances and peepholes to find. Paper and paper bags are also very entertaining, as cats love the sound and shapes paper can make! Not only is cardboard and paper a fun way to keep your cat entertained, it is also very inexpensive for you. Bonus!

Another fun tip is to place a ping pong ball in a dry bathtub. When your cat pounces on the ball, it will go round and round the bath, and keep your cat chasing for a very long time.

Cat Designed Toys & Furniture

There are many furniture pieces around town that are designed with cats in mind. Pet stores sell magnificent Cat Trees which will keep your cat satisfied, groomed, and entertained! You can also purchase food dispenser toys which hide foods and smells. Food dispensing toys are an excellent way for cats to ‘hunt’ and use their instinct. Think of it as a search and reward treasure hunt, where your cat can find goodies in various locations around the house. It is also a great way to save your cat from scoffing down their food too quickly.

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Human Playtime

Last but not least, one-on-one human interaction is essential! Play with your furry companion every day. Use toys and objects that they will be able to stalk, chase, and pounce on! Don’t forget to switch toys often so your cat remains interested, thinking of their toys as ‘new’. Doing so will keep the novelty of their toys, meaning they are more likely to play with for an extended period.

You can keep your one-on-one time interesting by changing up playtime with a grooming session. Not only is grooming relaxing for your cat, but your house will also be more likely to stay fur-free and clean.

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