Fun Winter Activities For Your Pet In South East Queensland

Fun Winter Activities For Your Pet In South East Queensland
June 8, 2021 Samford Pet Resort

Winter is officially here. More and more of us are pulling pet friendly jumpers, coats and other impressive outfits onto our pets. We’re taking cute photos of our dressed up, confused, but incredibly adorable looking pooches and cats, and forwarding them on to at least two family members. If you have an outside dog, they may have sneaked inside at some point over the last few weeks (we’ve had some pretty chilly nights, after all!). 

With the heat dissipating, there are plenty of fun winter activities we can enjoy with our pets. Our pets aren’t getting too hot, and we’re starting to feel much less sweaty on our dog walks. Read on to discover the best winter activities for your pet (and you!) to enjoy this winter. 

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Walking Any Time Of The Day

In winter, our walking schedule gets a bit more flexible. Summer’s hot temperatures dictate that it’s best to walk early in the morning, or in the afternoon once the sun has dropped. This prevents our dog (and the owner) from feeling hot and uncomfortable on their walk. We also shouldn’t be walking our dogs when it’s too hot, as bitumen roads can get piping hot and severely damage our dog’s paws. 

In winter, the temperature drops, and on a good day, we can walk our dog at pretty much any time of the day, without getting too hot or cold. 

A Mini Adventure at Our Doggy Day Care

Of course, we’re just as busy in winter as we are in summer. We don’t always have the time to give our dog the daily exercise they require. That’s where Doggy Day Care is a huge help. At Doggy Day Care, your dogs are treated to a morning and an afternoon exercise session – along with a well earned mental and physical rest break in between. During play time, dogs can explore the obstacle course, chase the ball or frisbee, and enjoy all the pats from our qualified staff. 

Your dogs also get to enjoy a safe, supervised space to socialise with other pooches. By socialising your dogs, we boost their confidence and stimulate their active brains. Plus, play sessions are tailored to the group of dogs – we rotate playtime based on the group’s energy and interaction levels.

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Pampering Them With Pupachinos

Who doesn’t love taking their dog with them to brunch? Now that it’s cooler, you don’t need to be as worried about your dog overheating if you frequent outdoor cafes. If anything, you may want to bring them a little blanket to keep them warm. With that in mind, winter is the perfect time to treat your dog to a puppacino! If your dog needs a healthier option, try out a greek yogurt (Chobani plain 0.5% fat yogurt is a great dog-friendly option) – one small spoon is enough for them to reap the benefits of this nutritious snack.    

Game Time With Enrichment Toys

Plenty of us find that our pets much prefer staying inside during the winter months. Some of our pets feel the cold more easily, especially those animals suffering from arthritis. To keep our dogs and cats entertained indoors, there are plenty of enrichment toys that can be used. 

For dogs, try using a KONG toy and either filling it with treats, or applying peanut butter to the toy. This should keep your dog entertained for a while… depending on how much they love food! For cats, try using a laser toy or catnip to keep them entertained. If you don’t have one already, perhaps consider getting your cat a tower to explore at their leisure. 

Get Some Sun on a Beach Trip

We love piling the dog into the car and road tripping to the beach in summer. But the novelty doesn’t disappear in winter! While your dogs may not choose to swim in winter, there’s still plenty for them to enjoy at the beach. The sand is perfect for digging, and brings a whole range of new textures and smells for your dog to explore. This is great stimulation for your dog’s active brain. Plus, there are plenty of birds to be chased at the beach, which can be a highly entertaining sport for your dog (and equally as entertaining to watch as an owner). Also, your dog can make friends with other dogs at the beach, which can be great socialisation time. Just be sure to supervise your dogs closely if you choose to introduce them to new dogs. 

Of course, we’d take our dogs out for exciting day trips every day of the year if we could! For days where you can’t – if you have a long day out that your pet can’t be a part of, or are stuck working, Doggy Day Care can provide your dog with the socialisation, stimulation and exercise they need. If you’re planning a winter getaway over the upcoming school holidays, perhaps accomodation at the Samford Pet Resort is best for your pet. Our experienced and qualified team cares for dogs, cats, birds and rodents at Samford Pet Resort. More than just accommodation, we treat your pet to a holiday where they feel safe, loved and cared for. Be sure to get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions about our services.