Features to Look for in a Quality Pet Resort

Features to Look for in a Quality Pet Resort
August 16, 2018 Samford Pet Resort

Planning a holiday can already be overwhelming and stressful for some.
But for pet parents, there is always the added stress of organising where your furry family member is going to stay while you’re away. When it comes to choosing a quality pet resort, there are a number of features to look out for to ensure your loving companion is treated with the best care.

Here are the top five features to look for and inquire about when trying to find a quality pet resort for your beloved pooch or cat to stay at while you’re away.

1. The appearance of the pet resort

Make sure the resort is spacious, clean and designed for animal comfort. The entire resort should have fan and installation systems to ensure your pet stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. For example, Samford Pet Resort have extraction fans (air circulation system) and sprinklers on each roof to keep the buildings cool in summer. Additionally, the deluxe boarding options also include air conditioning units.

Getting a good night’s rest is also important for your furry friend so ensure bedding is comfortable and on a low platform so your pet can easily access their bed.

2. General Petcare Services

Is there any type of entertainment available? Are there TVs or music playing around the resort for your pet to enjoy? You don’t want your furry friend to be bored, do you?

Fresh water should be clean, available and accessible at any time to each animal, and fresh meals should be served daily. Make sure you tell the pet resort staff if your pet has any dietary requirements or medications!

3. Safety

Firstly, the staff of the pet resort should be friendly, experienced and qualified professionals, as well as passionate animal lovers. Make sure the pet resort is dependable, secure and safe with security available at all times of the day in case of emergency. Vet services should also be accessible at all times if needed.

All resort areas should be free of harmful chemicals and sharp objects that your pet could eat or come in contact with. The resort should also be secured so your pets don’t try to escape or accidentally wander into danger. Your pet may miss you while you’re away and could try to find you. Make sure all areas are free of escape routes where your climbing or digging pet could get out.

Finally, inquire about the pet resort’s vaccination guidelines and parasite control. Ask which vaccinations your pets strictly need and what procedures are undertaken for parasite control. If the resort doesn’t have any guidelines or procedures, your pet may receive a harmful disease or parasite from the other animals in the resort.

Features to Look for in a Quality Pet Resort
Features to Look for in a Quality Pet Resort

4. Areas for fun play times

Play and exercise is a priority for your pet while you’re away to ensure they stay happy, fit, and active. The resort should offer plenty of opportunities for exercise in areas that are large with space for your pet to run, climb, and play with the other furry guests.

It’s also important that your pet receives lots of human contact and love from the staff. Human company is essential for making your pet feel comfortable – from cuddles and games to general affection. However, it is not uncommon for professional pet boarding facilities to justifiably charge additional fees for these activities outside of the standards food bedding and accommodations that that daily rate covers.

If you’re looking for a pet resort for your cat, look for spaces where your cat can climb and play, or relax and unwind if they are feeling overwhelmed by all the other cats around.

5. Added benefits of spa services

Is there any added spa services on offer? Grooming will not only allow your pet to be fresh and clean, but will make them even more loveable and cuddly for their big return to family life. Why not treat your pet to a makeover or pamper session? From comb-outs for tangled fur to cuts and trims, nail clippings, baths and massages, your loving companion deserves it all.

Some people make the mistake of taking their loving companion away with them when travelling. This could be harmful to your pets as they could potentially receive a travel-induced pet illness, or worse feel unsafe and runaway, trying to find their way home. To save the travelling stress, why not let your pet stay in the hands of reliable, frequent, and knowledgeable supervision?

Samford Pet Resort will provide the best care for your pet while you’re away. Samford Pet Resort offers specialised comfort for birds, rodents, dogs, and cats. And with 1-2 playtimes per day, your pet can enjoy custom prepared food, TV, music entertainment, a comfy bed, and love from our experienced professionals!

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