Our Favourite Pet Accessory Boutiques In Queensland

Our Favourite Pet Accessory Boutiques In Queensland
September 16, 2019 Samford Pet Resort

Sometimes you might want to go the extra mile for your pet and treat them to a special outfit, collar or toy. Or perhaps you need a more specialised product that just isn’t available at your standard pet stores. From luxury pet resorts, to handmade fashion for pooches to costumes for your fur babies, Queensland has some paw-tastic and unique boutiques designed to cater to your pet’s every need. Read about some of our favourite stores below:

Sacred Pet Boutique

The people at this pet store are almost as obsessed with all things pet related as we are. Feeling uninspired by the lack of interesting or useful products available for their own fur babies, the owners of Sacred Pet Boutique decided to design, create and manufacture and a huge range of products for doggos and kittens. From couture, dining and grooming to sleeping and travelling, they have collections that will enrich every aspect of your pet’s life.

“We constantly seek out products that make a statement about quality & uniqueness then deliver them with world-class customer service. Every product is well-considered and evaluated.”

-Helen Vernon, Director of Sacred Pet Boutique

Check out their online store or head to one of their many pop up stores happening every weekend at locations all over Brisbane; you won’t regret it!

DOGUE Bulimba

This awesome store is all about retail for dogs and pups. Dogue is run and owned by two best friends Nikki and Brooke who, between them, have racked up 25 years experience as flight attendants. After deciding that it was time to settle down in one place and pursue their passion for dogs, the two ladies opened the Bulimba franchise of Dogue. With apparel, accessories, bedding, collars and everything in between, the store stocks everything you could possibly need to have your doggo looking stylish from snout to paw.

“Nikki is a mum to her 10-month old daughter (whose first words were ‘DOG’ and ‘WOOF’). DOGUE is a dream come true for Nikki, who feels incredibly lucky that her next venture allows her to provide love and care to so many fur-babies in Brisbane.”

Posh Pets

If you have the type of pet who tends to enjoy the finer things in life, then Posh Pets is the place for you and your fur baby. With luxury pillow beds, custom made pet couches, plush designer toys, luxurious faux fur apparel, personalised collars and the latest fashion trends; it really doesn’t get much fancier than this.


At first inspired by Pugsley, an adorable pug who is featured all over the website, Fluppies is now dedicated to catering for every single breed, shape and size of doggo you can possibly imagine. The majority of their products are hand made with the highest quality fabrics and materials, making each item unique. Fluppies have an extensive catalogue for dogs that features dresses, UV singlets and swimmers, hats and bandanas, coats, costumes and so much more!

“At Fluppies, you will find that every dog imaginable with every need imaginable, is catered for. Our canine friends are our very best, and we dress them accordingly.”

Fluppies are based out of Brisbane but can deliver their products all over the world. Check out their awesome range today!

At Samford Pet Resort, we are dedicated to helping your fur babies live their best lives. If you need top quality pet accommodation where your fur baby will be surrounded with love, joy and attention, then look no further! Contact us today or call us on 0737332299.