I’d like to treat my pet to a holiday!

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We hadn’t left our dogs for a weekend trip before and were a little nervous about their first visit to SPR. It turns out we had nothing to worry about – staff were friendly and the dogs were really happy.


What do I need to bring with me when checking in my pet?

  • Payment to cover your pet’s stay and any extras
  • Current Vaccination Certificate – our friendly staff can let you know what vaccinations your pets need
  • Tick prevention is recommended for all pets
  • Contact phone numbers – in case of emergency or questions
  • Details of special medication – plus enough medication to last the duration of your pet’s stay
  • If your pet is arriving after 10am please let staff know if needs feeding
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry to undesexed pets. For more information please call the office.

Any tips for helping my pet settle in at the resort?

Say your goodbyes at home, and allow your pet to settle in as quickly as possible. Our friendly kennel staff will look after your pet as if he/she was their own, and help them quickly accustomise to their new quarters.

Advise the staff on any special characteristics your pet may have. For example:

  • Behavioural problems
  • Fence climbers
  • Persistent barking
  • Special diets
  • Phobias (lightning or storms etc)
  • Fear biting
  • Past or persistent medical problems

What is canine cough?

Canine Cough, also known as infectious tracheobronchitis, is one of the most common respiratory diseases in dogs and is highly contagious, due to being an airborne virus. Dogs can become infected with Canine Cough wherever they gather, such as in parks, dog runs, obedience classes, dog shows or kennels. Even if your dog is vaccinated there is still some risk of infection.

The only sign should be a harsh hacking cough, which often finishes with gagging. “Tracheobronchitis should be suspected whenever the characteristic cough suddenly develops about 10 days after exposure to other susceptible or affected dogs. Usually severity diminishes during the first 5 days, but the disease persists for 10-20 days.” (The Merck Veterinary Manual, 8th Edition, 1998. Merck & Co Inc. p, 1125.)

It is recommended that your dog be kept as quiet as possible, as undue stress or excitement can cause these symptoms to become worse. More urgent treatment is required if signs such as lethargy, loss of appetite, or greenish nasal discharge occurs and the cough persists. If these symptoms appear, phone for a time to see your vet as soon as possible.

No amount of supervision, sanitation, or personalized care can prevent a dog from “catching” an airborne virus. All that a good boarding kennel can do is to strongly recommend immunisation against tracheobronchitis, refuse to board any obviously sick dog, listen and watch for any signs of sickness, and make sure that any dog requiring veterinary attention receives it as quickly as possible. (Strangely, the dog with parainfluenza alone may not appear ill, yet is contagious). Professional boarding kennels would justifiably expect owners to accept the financial responsibility for such care. Your PIAA member is devoted to your pet’s well being. Look for his membership certificate proudly displayed.

What happens if my pet needs vet treatment while staying at the resort?

Please see our information under boarding conditions that explains what happens should your pet need vet treatment while staying with us.

Are we able to pick up pets out side of opening times

Unfortunately we can not offer out of hours pick up and delivery services as our local council have set noise limits which restricts us from opening out side of certain hours. After many surveys to clients we have come up with the operating hours to best suit the majority of what clients want. Staff take care each afternoon to check each pet and settle them in for the night. Exercises sessions are set up for pets strategically each day in order to help pets sleep well throughout the night. You can understand how disturbing all the pets once settled down of an afternoon to get a pet out after hours can be upsetting for the rest of the guests but also our neighbors. Our staff work hard every day to care for your pets to the best of our ability and we thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.

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