Does Solo Boarding Apply To My Pet?

Does Solo Boarding Apply To My Pet?

Given the thorough check of vaccinations and pet health, I knew my animals would be protected from any health concerns they could come into contact with from other animals. Staff were so lovely about my pets, I felt good leaving.

Catherine Burgess

Our Resort Guest Room prices are based on shared accommodation, and in some cases, this may not be possible. In our experience, there are certain breeds of dogs who are unable to share with other pets or require careful assessment in a supervised social environment before sharing with another pet. This is because some breeds of dogs have a biological predisposition to certain temperaments.

A Biological Predisposition is an increased chance of developing a disease or pattern of behaviour based on the genes we inherit from our parents (and our parents’ parents). Genes influence our personality traits, our IQ, our likelihood of getting cancer, and even our chances of developing a mental health issue in humans. Pets are no different and therefore we pay close attention to the history of pets breeds to ensure the safety of all pets in our care.

Solo boarding and rates may also apply if your pet is un-desexed, elderly or requires reduced stimulation or play.

If you would like to know if your pet falls into the category of being a solo only guest, or a guest who will need assessment from the Resort Staff to determine social behaviour suitability, please call our friendly reception staff who can assist you with your enquiry and let you know what will be the best type of accommodation for your pet.