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is a small family business in the north of Brisbane that provides many services to assist with your dog’s behaviour.

Zak Sheppard is a Nationally Accredited Dog Trainer and has completed a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour through the National Dog Training Federation (NDTF). He has worked in animal companionship for over 10 years, including with the RSPCA and at Samford Pet Resort.


Connect2Canines trains the handler(s) first.


We teach you how to understand your dog’s behaviour and then teach an evidence-based communication system that provides clarity about which behaviours are expected and which behaviours are to be eliminated. We show you how to attach a value to your communication. You will receive a structured plan of how to build a good relationship with your canine companion.


offers a number of different services to meet your individual needs:

  • One on One Training

    One on one consults within the home to identify issues and potential causes. A plan with be developed and specific training techniques taught. There will be homework set between consults to support the ongoing re-learning of behaviour. We integrate this training into a number of training packages depending on the needs of the owner/trainer.

  • Walk and Train

    A Connect2Canines Trainer will walk your dog whilst integrating a personalized training schedule. We will then walk you through the training to help the relationship flourish with new and sustainable communication techniques.

  • Classes

    Our training classes are for dogs aged from 4 months onwards, and are a structured package to learn the foundations of communicating effectively with your canine companion.

For more information please contact us:
Phone: 0458 656738