Common Signs Your Dog is Suffering from Spring Allergies

Common Signs Your Dog is Suffering from Spring Allergies
November 22, 2016 Samford Pet Resort

Is your precious pup sneezing and sniffling like there’s no tomorrow? Chances are they might be suffering from a severe case of Spring allergies.

Since they can’t walk themselves down to the chemist to pick up some allergy medication, we have to make sure we’re closely monitoring the behaviour of our dogs, particularly during Spring time.

Here’s a list of signs and symptoms you should be aware of:

1. Itchy, red, moist or scabbed skin

Unlike humans, dogs tend to show their allergies mostly through their skin. If you start to notice your four-legged friend scratching more than usual, check their body for redness or scabs. If you don’t find any fleas, it’s probably Spring allergies.

Common Signs Your Dog is Suffering from Spring Allergies

2. Sneezing

The most visible sign of any allergy is sneezing, so if your dog comes back from frolicking through fields of flowers with an unusual case of the sniffles, you know why.

3. Ear infections / itchy eyes

When bad enough, Spring allergies can cause ear infections and itchy eyes for your poor little pooch. If they are licking their paws and using them to scratch the inside of their eyes or around their ears, it’s time to take them to a vet.

Common Signs Your Dog is Suffering from Spring Allergies

4. Snoring

Some dogs are natural snorers. But, if your dog is not and has suddenly developed a rather loud snuffle in their sleep, it could be the effect of allergies. Spring time hay fever can cause an inflamed throat which makes it painful for them to breathe during their sleep, resulting in an open-mouthed snore.

5. Paw chewing / swollen paws

Inflammation or swelling of the feet is another sign your dog may have fallen victim to Spring allergies. A clear warning is if they start obsessively licking, or even chewing, their paws in an unusual manner.

For more advice on how to treat your dog’s Spring allergies, visit your local vet or read up on Healthy Pets.


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