How to choose the most affordable pet accommodation

How to choose the most affordable pet accommodation
May 31, 2018 Samford Pet Resort

Taking a vacation this school holidays? If you have a pet, you’ll be considering what type of accommodation and care is best for them while you’re away. Finding the right pet minding service for your furry friend is vital. After all, pet accommodation isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario.

What’s at the top of your shopping list for a pet minder? Experience, professionalism and reliability are must-haves, for sure! But so is affordability. Here are a few tips to ensure that you find everything you want in a pet sitter, and get more bang for your buck this school holidays.

Tip One: Choose a pet minding service that mitigates risk

First thing’s first; let’s talk about private pet sitters vs pet boarding facilities. Choosing a private pet sitter to come and mind your pet from your own home has obvious pros and cons. Your pet gets to remain in their own space, which is less of a transitional shock when you aren’t there. Private pet sitters can also often be cheaper, as you’re basically renting out your home in return for pet care services. But these kinds of arrangements are frequently undertaken by people with minimal professional pet care experience. Sure, they might be an avid pet lover, but do they have the amount of experience and training necessary to deal with an animal emergency? This can be particularly troubling for pet owners whose dogs or cats require specific attention due to illness or behavioural challenges.

In contrast, a pet boarding facility is required to have certificates and licensing that proves that they are capable of maintaining a safe environment for your dog or cat. Choosing a pet boarding facility with an on-site vet will give you far better peace of mind while you’re off on your vacation, too. If anything goes wrong, you know that your pet will receive fast and thorough treatment and that the professionals caring for your furry friend will know exactly what to do. Pet accommodation facilities that offer discounts with pet insurance providers all year round are also a huge bonus. Take another massive load off your shoulders by knowing that all expenses will be covered should your dog or cat become unexpectedly sick. While we don’t like to think of any harm coming to our pets, it’s important to be proactive so that we can protect them at all times. Having pet insurance at a discounted rate will save you the stress of receiving unforeseen and expensive vet bills!

Tip Two: Choose a pet minding service that offers free pickups and drop-offs

We know that one of the hassles of choosing a pet boarding facility over a pet minding service is that you need to arrange for your furry friend to be dropped off and picked up from the accommodation site. It’s a dilemma; you want your pet to have accommodation out in the countryside where they have lots of room to run and play, but finding the time to get them there is next to impossible with all the packing you have to do! This is why pet accommodation providers that offer complimentary pick-up and drop off services are an absolute godsend. You save money driving out to the site, and your dog or cat isn’t stuck in a dinky boarding facility in the inner city. After all, you want them to have an exciting holiday too!

Tip Three: Choose a pet minding service that has a loyalty scheme

Loyalty schemes are the holy grail of pet minding services. If you find pet accommodation that you love, you’d better hold onto them! This is important for your budget, and also for the welfare of your pet. You want your dog or cat to feel comfortable with their surroundings each time you go away. So choosing one high-quality pet accommodation facility and sticking with them makes sense. It can also come with a range of benefits, especially if you go on short trips for work or play, often. Pet minding services that offer incentives for long-term customers such as monthly specials, or a point-based rewards system, will be very kind to your wallet!

Remember that when you pick accommodation, you want to find a healthy balance between quality and affordability. And that choosing a professional service that protects and cares for your pet is going to save you the most money (and worry!) long term. Each time your dog or cat visits your pet minder of choice, you want it to feel like they’re returning to their home away from home, and that’s what Samford Pet Resort strive for. We’re a five-star pet resort that treats our loyal customers to a range of benefits and discounts. We love seeing the same furry, happy faces returning to our little community out in Samford! Contact us today to arrange a tour of our facilities or book in your dog or cat for this school holidays.

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