Caring For Your Pet in Winter

Caring For Your Pet in Winter
June 9, 2017 Samford Pet Resort

It’s that time of year again! Time for the blankets to emerge from hibernation, plus, of course, the fluffy slippers and dressing gowns.

For us humans, it’s pretty easy to keep ourselves warm and (hopefully) sickness-free. Our pets, however, don’t have it so easy. They don’t have the luxury of whipping out a warm jacket from the cupboard whenever they feel a chilly breeze coming. Which is why it’s our job to keep them warm and healthy!

Here are a few tips for making sure your pet gets the best possible care this winter.

Bring them in.

“Baby, it’s cold outside”… yep, that’s right; animals feel the cold too! There’s nothing your pet will love more than curling up next to you on the sofa or lying in front of the warm heater. And they promise they’ll behave…

Insulation is key.

At Samford Pet Resort, all of our dog and cat rooms have insulated walls, to help keep the warmth in and the cold out! If, for some reason, you really can’t afford to bring your dog or cat inside this winter, making sure they have an outside sleeping space with insulated walls is heavily recommended.

Spoil them with warm blankets.

If you really, really can’t afford to bring your pet inside this winter (maybe they’re just a tiny bit too crazy, or big), make sure their outside sleeping space has a sufficient amount of warmth. These days, you can buy blankets for ridiculously low prices, so there’s really no excuse not to spoil them!

Switch up their treats.

Unlike in summer, when their little tongues needcooling down with icy treats, winter is a time to bring out the warmer, more wholesome, tasty treats. You might want to pop their favourite food in the microwave for a few seconds so they aren’t eating it cold. It should also be noted that it takes more energy to stay warm then it does to keep cool, so if your dog or cat is playing outside a lot during the day, they might need more food than usual.

All in all, caring for your pet in winter is not really that different to caring for them the rest of the year round. As long as you’re thinking about their necessities and putting yourself in their shoes to think about how they feel, they’ll be happy!

If you’re going away and want to make sure your pet stays warm and healthy this winter, Samford Pet Resort is the place to bring them! With our insulated rooms and a professional and caring team of staff members, your pet will feel truly at home.

Do you live on the northside of Brisbane? Check out our equally-as-awesome sister company, Northshore Pet Resort!