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Canine Cough

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Informative Notice about Canine Cough

Several cases of Canine Cough have been reported or seen throughout Brisbane and local areas. Canine Cough being much like a human cold and is passed from dog to dog as it is an airborne virus. We ask that you try not to take your dog to local dog parks or interact with other non family dogs within 10 days of a booking to reduce the risk of your pet contracting this virus and passing onto fellow boarders. Although your pet is vaccinated they can still contract Canine Cough, just like humans can still get a cold even after receiving a flu shot. We will not accept any pets showing signs on arrival and should your pet show signs during their stay we will arrange vet treatment at the owners cost. As it is a virus passed from dog to dog, we try to do everything possible to help prevent the spread but no amount of sterilization can stop a pet contracting it, but it does help reduce the chances. For more information please contact our office on 3289 1600 .

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