Bring your dog out for a playdate at Samford Pet Resort

Bring your dog out for a playdate at Samford Pet Resort
July 10, 2017 Samford Pet Resort

Leaving your pets at home is tough. Nobody likes waving goodbye to their fluffy little faces at the door, whether it’s for an hour-long grocery shopping trip or a nine-hour work day.

But we all know that sometimes it just can’t be helped.

Introducing our doggy daycare.

At Samford Pet Resort, we offer one-day visits, so your dog can be given the attention they deserve, all day long! If you’re feeling guilty for leaving your fur baby home alone while you take off for work, why not treat them to a playdate with other pets in the same boat? Alternatively, if you have visitors or potential buyers/renters coming to your house and don’t want your pet getting anxious, simply bring them to us.

The perfect cure for only-dog boredom or loneliness.

Generally speaking, dogs are incredibly social creatures. They enjoy the interaction with other beings, whether human or animal. If you have an ‘only dog’ who you’d love to spend every minute with but unfortunately can’t, we can help!

Note: Obviously, if your dog doesn’t react well with other dogs, we will make sure they are given plenty of love by our kind staff instead.

A small price for a lot of love.

For just $27 a day, your dog will receive the following:

  • Fully supervised play on our grassy area
  • Human company & cuddles
  • A day room to relax in, with comfortable bedding for naps
  • Toys to play with
  • Delicious meals
  • Playgroups with other dogs (if appropriate)

Waving goodbye when you leave for work will be a lot easier when you know they’re going to have a fun-filled day with the friendly team at Samford Pet Resort!

If you live over the northside of Brisbane and are looking for the same quality service, check out our sister company, Northshore Pet Resort.