Beware of Snakes in Your Backyard this Spring!

Beware of Snakes in Your Backyard this Spring!
October 16, 2017 Samford Pet Resort

Snake season is upon us, with most snakes coming out of their Winter hibernation spots and seeking the warmer weather. This unfortunately means that you might come across one of these slithery reptiles in your backyard. Or your pet will, and they won’t have the same urge to run and hide from it as you do.

It’s vital to remain constantly vigilant when implementing snake deterrence methods around your home. Furthermore, preparing your pet for the eventuation of a snake encounter can prevent lethal bites and ensuing heartache. Here’s how to keep your pet safe from snakes this Summer.

1. Declutter

Ah, minimalism, it isn’t just a design trend! Minimising the sheer amount of stuff laying about your backyard will deter snakes from finding discreet hiding places on your property. Many people don’t come across snakes until they pick up an object that doesn’t see a lot of use (how long has it been since you used the rake in the shed?) and find one of these sly guys making a home underneath. Cleaning up clutter and debris (you should be raking those leaves!) will create fewer places for snakes to hide. Try hanging the tools in your shed or putting them away into cupboards, clear up the kids’ toys at the end of each day and keep an eye on ground cover density.

2. Don’t provide invitations for rats and mice

When rats and mice come to the party, you know that snakes will quickly follow. There’s nothing a snake loves more than a big juicy mouse in its belly! So you want to keep rodents out of your home and away from your backyard. Ensure that when you feed pets, you only give them the amount of food that they will eat straight away. If pet food is left lying around all day, it will attract rodents and provide a hotspot for snakes to hunt. Clean up after your pet’s meals and ensure all their food is kept in sealed containers.

3. Maintenance

Keeping your lawn mowed is vital to creating a snake-free environment (plus it helps your furry friend’s sinuses too!). Snakes are naturally attracted to long grass, not to mention it also decreases visibility. If you live on a big property, always restrict your dog to the house yard when they aren’t under your direct supervision and keep it well maintained. Never let your pup wander around the chook pen without you there, either, as this is also a favourite snake hideaway!

4. Training

No matter how hard we try to deter these poisonous reptiles, the fact remains that we live in Australia, with the highest snake population in the world. There will always be a chance that you or your pet will encounter a snake either in your backyard or while you’re out for a walk. The best way to protect your pet from snakes is to train them to be cautious of them, rather than curious. Discipline them to avoid aggravating smaller reptiles such as lizards and skinks. This will teach them that immediately provoking unknown creatures is bad, and make them wary of snakes rather than jumping into defensive mode straight away.

Training your pet to respond to voice commands is also an essential way to avoid any danger. If you can tell your dog to sit and come, and know that they’ll obey you even when tempted with a snake encroaching on their territory, it could save their life. Samford Pet Resort hold dog training courses for pooches from 5 months old, designed to teach your dog a variety of obedience actions to ensure their safety.

If you’re going away for a few days over the Summer break, don’t risk leaving your dog in the backyard alone when the chances of snake activity are high. Book them in for a short pet vacay with Samford Pet Resort and rest assured that they’ll be safe and happy.