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I have had pets stay in recent years, and the same friendly, caring manner to my pets were excellent and in abundance. Staff were kind and caring, and very understanding of our needs, and our pets.

Helen Sando

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Relaxing rooms, delicious meals and human company exactly how your cat likes it.

•Rooms from $24.50/day
•Relaxing space away from dogs
•Tunes to suit their moods
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Welcome to Cat-topia!

When it comes to accommodation, high on every cat’s priority list is a comfortable place to doze and lots of cuddles from their human admirers. At Samford Pet Resort, we understand your cat’s needs and have taken it to the next level – Cat-opia!


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Cat Guest Rooms

Cat Delux Suite

Information about our Accommodation

Cat Guest Rooms

Our cat guest rooms offer comfy cushions and large spaces with multiple levels to climb. They’re bright and cheerful, with reverse cycle Air Conditioning, fans and insulation for comfort – the perfect spot for stretching out and dozing on a warm summer’s day. The Air Conditioning & insulation also keeps our feline friends snug in the cooler months.

For added enjoyment, music is also played throughout the accommodation 24 hours a day. This is combined with the large cat playhouse/garden atrium for playtimes, multiple scratching posts and plenty of human contact. Samford Pet Resort makes your cat’s stay more like home.

Please Note: Due to WHS we do not permit public into the Guest Rooms or Resort Rooms this includes to settle in or picking up pet/s. This is also in the best interest of your pet/s to allow them to transition more comfortably into their new surroundings.

Included in the boarding fees for Cat-opia are:

  • Comfortable and relaxing bedding and environment away from noise and dogs.
  • 24 hour music – a tune or two to suit their every mood.
  • Human company – for cuddles, games and lots of love while you’re away.
  • Fresh meals prepared every day – guaranteed to tempt even the fussiest of eaters.
  • 24 hour vet services on call if needed.
  • Air conditioned comfort.
  • Customised packages to suit your pet’s needs.
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See Our Conditions of Board

Cat Luxury Suites

If your cat is more like your child than a mere feline, then our cat luxury suites are the accommodation solution for you. Total luxury awaits your furry friend in this home away from home. These award winning, 5 star, luxury suites were created to simulate your home environment, with the intention of reducing the stress your cat may feel due to being away from you.

Features of the cat luxury suites include:

  • Fully air-conditioned private rooms – cool comfort for your special friend.
  • TV or radio – keep them entertained for hours.
  • 2 playtimes per day – includes lots of cuddles and their favourite games.
  • Yummy menu – custom designed to tempt even the fussiest of eaters.
  • Comfy furniture to doze on – choose from beds, chairs and pillows.
  • Most rooms have an attached outside play yard, which your cat is free to use privately. For the rooms that don’t have an attached play yard, our staff will take pets into a private play yard up to 3 times per day. (Play yard may be blocked off on certain days due to use of air conditioning).
  • Lots of human company.

Please note: Medication, intensive care and medicated baths are also NOT INCLUDED in the rates (see extras).

Although we do allow you to settle in your pet/s in to our luxury and villa accommodation only, we do recommend and prefer that you say your goodbyes at the office. This is in the best interest of your pet/s to allow them to transition more comfortably into their new surroundings. On pick up of your pet/s we do not permit owners in to the accommodation this is for the safety of staff and your pet/s, and to allow staff to complete the checkout procedures. Therefore, we ask that you kindly wait at the office or your car for your pet/s to be brought to you.

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See our conditions of board

Playtimes and Extras

Just like you, your pet deserves a bit of special attention when on holiday.

When booking accommodation, you can arrange for the following extras:

  • Playtime
  • Treats
  • Fun pack – twice daily playtime, brush, extra cuddles and catnip treat
  • My Pet Space (more info)
  • Own food storage
  • Medication
  • Intensive care
  • Transport to/from your home or airport and the resort (note: pet transport is FREE from designated pick-up points – see pet transport info)

Why get playtime?

When your pet is away from home, why is it so important to have playtime? Playtimes are a chance for your pets to get exercise and stretch their legs. This enables them to free their minds, ensuring that any stress they may have due to being away from home is alleviated.

Playtimes for your pet includes – Interactive games, personal one on one time with staff, pet check ups, a gentle brush, a place to burn their energy, socialising and more under the supervision of our professionally trained staff.

Calm and happy = one healthy pet!

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**All pricing as of September 2019**

A surcharge of $2.50 per pet applies on all QLD Public Holidays


FROM $25.50 A DAY

  • Low Season Discount$25.50
  • Standard Rate$27.00
  • Aged Care – +$4.00 per day
    (based on shared accommodation, see conditions of board).
    Aged Care is compulsory for all pets 11 years and over.
  • Cats board on own unless from the same family..
  • Prices based on per pet per calendar day.
    A surcharge of $2.50 per pet applies on all QLD Public Holidays.



  • comfy bedding
  • human company
  • 24 hr music
  • garden atrium for playtime
  • vet on call if needed.
  • Daily rates
  • (50 rewards points)



FROM $52.00 A DAY

  • Aged Care is compulsory for all pets 11 years and over.
  • Prices based on per pet per calendar day.
    A surcharge of $2.50 per pet applies on all QLD Public Holidays.
  • * Same family, same room only.



  • lots of comfy furniture
  • human company
  • 24 hr music
  • own outside play yard
  • vet on call if needed
  • TV or radio
  • 2 playtimes a day
  • Yummy menu
  • air-conditioned rooms
  • Daily rates
  • (90 rewards points)


Treat your pet…

  • Playtime: $9.00 per session (8 rewards points) – for a calm and happy pet!
  • Solo playtime: $12.00 per session (10 rewards points)
  • Pig ear treats: $4.50 per treat – mmm, yum!
  • Biscuit treat: $3.50 per treat – mmm, yum!
  • Yappy time: $6.50 per treat (5 rewards points) – mmm, yum!
  • Ice-Block treats $3.50 per Frosty Paw (a chicken or beef flavoured ice-block), great for hot summer days
  • Kong treats (Kong filled with liver treats, beef treats, peanut butter or kibble) $6.50 per treat

Other extra services

  • My Pet Space (online pet report$14.50 per update (10 rewards points)
  • Own food storage & corkage $4.00 per meal
  • Intensive care $11.50 per pet per day
  • Bathing – medicated or malaseb bath $20.50 per bath. Entry bath (flea & tick bath) $20.50 per bath
  • Medication $5.00 a day (unless 3 or more meds needed to be given 3 or more times per day, then intensive care will apply)
  • Medication 2 x Daily $2.50

Solo Boarding

Click here to see if solo boarding applies to your pet.

Pet transport

We provide FREE pet transport on week days to/from designated pick-up points throughout Brisbane – see pet transport info pick-up locations.

We can also pick up from your home or the airport, at an additional cost – see pricing for home or airport pick-ups.

Accommodation Pricing

  • Standard Rate – accommodation during any QLD school holiday period
  • Low Season Discount – accommodation outside of QLD school holiday periods
  • Solo Standard – non-shared accommodation during any QLD school holiday period
  • Solo Low Season Discount – non-shared accommodation outside of QLD school holiday periods
  • QLD Public Holidays Surcharge – surcharge applied to each pet staying at resort over a QLD public holiday
  • Full list of holidays can be found at

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