5 Tips on Teaching Children to Look After their Pets

5 Tips on Teaching Children to Look After their Pets
July 16, 2020 Samford Pet Resort

When it comes to your kids, pet care is a very effective tool in helping teach your children a sense of responsibility, for both themselves and their pet. What’s more, it helps cement a lifelong bond between your kids and their fur baby. Which also means that you don’t have to bear all the responsibility of tasks entailed in looking after your kitty or doggo. Below are 5 of the best ways to teach your kids to look after their pet:

Approach it Like a Game

Ordinarily, you might take your fur baby out for a walk or some exercise. The problem with that is that a lot of kids will find these options boring and they’ll get fed up. Instead, go to your backyard or the local park and encourage your kids to run with your pet and play fetch with a frisbee or even just a stick. These are excellent forms of exercise for both your kids and your pet, as well as being more enjoyable since these are exactly the kind of boisterous but safe activities that kids generally love.

Create Challenges

There are various ways that you can turn pet care into a challenge that your kids want to participate in. One example is to make up a points system where different items or tasks are worth different amounts of points, like 1 point for filling the water bowl, 2 points for filling the food bowl, 3 points for toilet duties etc. This idea is particularly good when you have more than one child as they can compete to see who gets the most points in a week. If you have one child, you should join in on the points system, and you can compete with each other.

Involve your kids in the Training from the Beginning

Make sure that your kids get involved in the training from day one. For example, if you’re teaching your doggo to ‘sit’ or ‘stay’, let your kids copy the orders and give your dog the treats when they get it right. When your kids watch the progress of your pet’s training from the beginning, they’ll find great delight in your fur baby’s progress, and they’ll love the thought of being the one to reward that progress. This will also help to teach your child to have a disciplined relationship with your pet.

Create a Roster

Set up a roster that outlines who has to complete which tasks and responsibilities on which days, and make sure to include yourself in the roster in order to lead by example. Draw or type up a physical version of the roster that can be put on the fridge or placed somewhere visible so that everyone knows exactly what’s expected of them and can be held accountable. The points system can go nicely in hand with this roster!

Don’t use Pet Care as a Form of Punishment

This one is crucial. As soon as you start turning your fur baby into a form of discipline or punishment for any of your child’s negative behaviours, then they’ll automatically begin to see pet care as a chore that they don’t want to do. What’s more, they could begin to resent your pet. Always approach the care of your pet with a positive attitude and show a willingness to do it yourself as your children will often mimic your own behaviours and attitudes towards your pet.

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