5 Best Camping Spots Near Brisbane - Camping For All Levels

5 Best Camping Spots Near Brisbane – Camping For All Levels
March 11, 2021 Samford Pet Resort

It feels incredible returning to nature – sometimes to enjoy everything you have, you need to take it away for a moment and rough it to some extent. Some people swear that for a good camping experience you need to drive for kilometres into uncharted territory, but there are plenty of perfect camping spots near Brisbane. 

We’ve put together a list of sites that offer a unique stay experience and features that make them all special. After trying one you may want to go through the list. 

Booloumba Creek Campground – 132km from Brisbane CBD (2-hour drive) 


The main complaint with camping is the lack of things to do. Entertaining yourself can be tough, especially when there are kids in the picture. You won’t be tempted to spend your camping trip scrolling on your phone at Booloumba Creek. Take time to adventure to the turquoise, crystal clear swimming hole or make the trek along the Conondale Range Great Walk. 

This campground is a great place to explore, with plenty of natural attractions to keep you entertained. Make sure you have a 4WD though because you’ll need to hit the bush tracks to reach it. 


Bigriggen Park – 111km from Brisbane CBD (1.5-hour drive) 

If you want a good beginner camping ground to test the waters, you’ll want to check out Bigriggen Park. The campsite is a quick drive south and is accessible for most normal cars (no big 4WDs required). 

If this is your first, camping trip and you want to play it safe, this lets you enjoy the great outdoors without stepping too far from your comfort zone. You’ll be pleased with the facilities, including heated showers, toilets, a small kiosk to buy groceries and firewood, as well as 30 powered campsites and 60 non-powered. 

Bigriggen Park is positioned at the foot of Mt Barney. While it’s located near mountain terrain, the campsite is on 100 acres of flat bushland, connecting to winding rivers. Enjoy bike riding on dirt tracks, swimming and fishing in the local river, and trying to spot some native wildlife that are known to make an appearance. 

Minjerribah Camping – 43km from Brisbane CBD (1.6-hour drive) 

Are you an avid beachgoer? If yes, relish the salt air and coastal breezes by spending a weekend at this beach camping spot on North Stradbroke Island

You’ll need a 4WD and some beach driving experience to reach these campgrounds. Also, you’ll need to catch the vehicle ferry from Cleveland to make it to the island. While it’s a bit of a trek to reach the campsite, the end results are worth it as you get to dig your toes into the sand and see the ocean from your tent. Depending on your needs there are several different camping, glamping and beach camping spots around the island. 

Glastonbury Creek Camping – 190km from Brisbane CBD (2.5-hour drive)


Enjoy roasting marshmallows by the fire with your friends and family. This campfire permitted campsite puts you on the outskirts of the Brooyar State Forest just a short walk to the campsite’s adjacent creek. If you’re interested in adventure sports, the Crag is accessible on foot where you can climb up the steep sandstone overhang. 

If camp food isn’t scratching your itch, there’s a Hungry Jacks close by too.

Lions Boulevard Park – 67km from Brisbane CBD (2.6-hour drive) 

If you want camping without neighbours, you can’t beat Lions Boulevard Park. The waterfront park is positioned on one of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands and only allows for two camping groups at once. 

To get there, you’ll need to take a short ferry ride from the Redland Bay Marina. From there, it’s just an 8km walk or taxi drive to the south end of Russell Island. Enjoy the soothing sounds and smells of the ocean. There are limited campsites, but you can book them for a group of up to four people per site.

Gordon Country – 163km from Brisbane CBD (2.1-hour drive)

Witness magnificent mountain scenery, freshwater creeks and 4000 acres of sprawling country fields! What’s better is you can have a full acre of allotted land to yourself, so you’ll never feel claustrophobic. 

No matter what kind of camper you are, there are options that will suit your needs. Choose from roughing it in a tent, glamping in your caravan, or hiring one of the camp cabins. You can swim in the freshwater streams and make the most of your massive space. 

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