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    Cute Little Guinea Pig | Five Reasons Rodents Make Wonderful Pets | Samford Pet Resort

    5 Reasons Rodents Make Wonderful Pets

    - by Samford Pet Resort

    Whether your tiny, excitable friend is a mouse, rat or guinea pig, the benefits of having a rodent as a pet are undeniable!

  • Cats
    Cat Inside - Why It Is So Important When You Aren't Home | Samford Pet

    The Importance of Keeping Your Cat Inside When You’re Not Home

    - by Samford Pet Resort

    As cat owners, it’s safe to assume that we have all returned home after a day out to find the ‘treasures’ our favourite felines bring into the house. From dead mice to trails of bird feathers, cats are natural predators and enjoy bringing back the goods from their explorations outside.

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    Moving House Made Easy with Samford Pet Resort

    - by Samford Pet Resort

    Here at Samford Pet Resort, we regularly mind pets while their owners move home. And we love having them here as much as they love coming! It’s a relief for the owners to know their furry friends are safe and well looked-after while all the chaos of moving is going on.

  • Dogs

    The Importance of Dog Training

    - by Samford Pet Resort

    Training your four-legged friend takes time and patience – from both dog and owner. However, taking the time to train your dog reaps many benefits, especially if you start from a young age. The benefits of a well-trained dog extend beyond having a dog who can sit and stay – keep reading to find out more.